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 凄いよ!何か英語版カッコ良いよ!まあ売れるかどうかはわかりませんけども(;´▽`A 一番の問題は、どうやって宣伝したら良いのかってことです。自分は英語わかりませんから、かなり難しいところですね。宣伝に関しては一応お願いしてるのですが・・・ウーン、海外にどう発信したら良いのか、かなりの難題です。




One shot straight right! Keep up your motivation for live strongly.

Do you have the excuse that motivation does not come out?
Do not try put off tomorrow that you can do now?
Do not try to avoid the difficult path?

While you live in such a life, have you ever thought how's going on your life 5 years later and 10 years later?

There is no reason but you feel heavy, no energy, and motivation does not go out but you can (play) games.
Life goes on. May someone will take responsibility, government is surely bad. I'm not bad, appropriately for the time being, it's enough just spend fun in its own way.

How do you think about 5 years, 10 years later if you keep live such a life?

- You just live such a shit life until death from now.-
- Take an attention for listen. For you are not going to like me.-

I overslept in spite of I have a meeting for job. Then I went to a convenience store to buy a meal. I met a dirty homeless on its way.
(Uff…bad smell…I won’t I never want to be like him never!) 
The moment I try to through away…
Whomp! I felt severe pain on the cheek. –what? Hit to me?!
“I became homeless, all because of you!”
“What?! ”
It was take a long time to realize that I was beaten but immediately I took my mobile for calling police. I should do in this case.
“What are you doing? Are you trying to call police men even If you do not pay tax also no work?”
…Why does he know about I have no work nowadays?
“Hey you know, Police is made up citizens to pay taxes then they've got to protect the public. Namely, there's no right to call the police on you. You’re really motherfucker…absolutely…No,【Me】it is…”
What talking about…after all 【I】 know the shocking facts-

No do-overs in life, so we must continue to act with increase the motivation.
5 years later, 10 years later, if you're failure at the future, what do you want to do to yourself in present?

“I failed in the life on my own. If I could hit myself at past.”
Written by Atsuki Hasumi first fiction.

 自分で英語がわかるようになったら話は早いんですけども・・・そんな簡単なお話でもありませんね(´・ω・`) 何はともあれ世界デビューしてしまいました(キリッ 自費出版、自己出版はもう難しくないんです。誰だって出来るし、世界デビューだってできます!実際ここにしてる人間が居るので←




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